Our Services

  • Let the best engineers in the city clean up your sounds.

    2 hr

  • A quick session, perfect to lay down some vocals or work on a beat.

    2 hr

  • A healthy in-between time length for a studio session, 3 hours long.

    3 hr

  • 4 hour recording session with one of our world-class Sound Engineers.

    4 hr

  • 5 hr session (1 hr free)

    5 hr

  • Get comfortable, we'll be here a while. Specifically, 6 hours.

    6 hr

  • With a lucky number like 7, we can only expect greatness.

    7 hr

  • Bring some snacks and a pillow, we'll be in the studio for 8 hours.

    8 hr

  • For 10 hour sessions we suggest bringing some caffeine and a pillow.

    10 hr

  • Let's get to work.

    12 hr

  • Be in and out of the booth in one hour with this session

    1 hr